God shaped many events over the course of four years, leading to the first service of Northlake Baptist Chapel on December 8,1974, then located in a residential home near the present campus. Orchard Hills Baptist Church (sponsoring congregation), The Dallas Baptist Association, and The Baptist General Convention of Texas all cooperated in planting Northlake, contributing both members and money in the early years. Dr. Ralph Phelps served as the first mission pastor, followed by Bill Walters (who also served as general contractor when the original building was constructed).
 Northlake moved from their residential location to its present campus (then comprised of six acres) on February 13,1976 under the leadership of Pastor Calvin Ussery; they also became an independent congregation, Northlake Baptist Church.   In April of 1978, the newly organized church voted to call Bob Dean as pastor, and enjoyed the immeasurable impact of his formative twenty-eight year tenure until 2006, when Dr. Dean was elected as Executive Director of the Dallas Baptist Association.
Shortly after appointing Bob Dean as Pastor, the church Lynn (213x220)extended a call to Lynn Christie to work beside Dr. Dean as Minister of Music & Youth.  He served in this combination position until 1982, when additions to the ministerial staff allowed him to concentrate on music ministry.  Lynn  has served here for 40 years, providing stability and musical leadership.  He will retire in June 2018, on the 40th anniversary of his arrival at Northlake.
The church has enjoyed several long-tenured staff members, including:
Sylvia Stanford – Minister to Children (1984-91)
John Neesly
– Minister to Students/Asst. Pastor (1984-91)
John Hall – Minister to Students (1990-94)
Shawn Risinger – Minister of Adult Education (1992-97)
Chris Trent – Minister to Students (1997-2004)
Woody Oliver
– Associate Pastor (2000-2005)
Bob Dean
– Senior Pastor (1978-2006)
Jennifer Evans
– Minister to Children (1998-2009)

John (213x220)In 2007, Northlake called current pastor, John Carl, who led Northlake to embrace a new congregational vision: Exalting the Lord => Equipping the Believer => Engaging the WorldOur goal is to impact this world for Christ, so we can’t stay inside our walls—we must move UPWARD and OUTWARD!” Throughout Northlake’s history, there have been 6 major building campaigns, culminating in the beautiful facilities now enjoyed by its membership.
Northlake’s Hispanic mission, Casa de Poder, planted in 1998, has its own building as well.  In 1999, the church called Agustin Rafaelano as pastor, and he served until 2009. A year later, the church called Oscar Castillo who led the church for more than two years.  They have since become an independent church, serving many Spanish-speaking people in our community.