Discipleship Opportunities for Adults


Join us on Sundays for Bible Study geared to your age or life-stage!

College & Career  ♦  Single Ladies (ages 20-34)   ♦   Single Ladies (ages 35+)
Young Adult 1 (ages 24-35)    ♦   Young Adult 2 (ages 36-41)
Median Adult 1 (ages 41-48)     ♦    Median Adult 2 (ages 49-60)
Median Adult 3 (ages 61-66)    ♦   Median Adult 4 (ages 67-77)
Median Adult 5 Ladies (ages 48-77)   ♦     Median Adult 6 Men (ages 48-77)
Senior Adult Ladies (ages 77+)   ♦     Senior Adult men (ages 77+)

Wednesday Nights (7:00 pm)


Join us every Wednesday night — other than announced holiday breaks — in the Seminar Room as our adults discover what Scripture says about WHO God is, WHAT His will demands from disciples, and HOW believers can deepen their faith to follow His lead.  Topics vary throughout the year depending on participant interest, so join us this week!


Join us on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. for studies designed to strengthen your walk!


Depending on individual interest, spiritual need, and available leadership, special topical Bible studies are offered as Christian Growth Classes.  These studies are not gender- or age-specific, so anyone with a desire to grow deeper is welcome.  In the past, topics have included Biblical Stewardship, Church History, Comparing the Gospel Narratives, Eschatology (Revelation), Evangelism Training, Spiritual Gifts, and basic discipleship for new believers.  Topics are limited only by interest and leadership…so join us to grow in your walk with Christ!


Northlake’s Ladies Ministry (Ladies Ministering to the Needs of Others or LMNO) has offered a series of discipleship studies for many years, giving women an opportunity to learn more about God’s Word and His plan for their lives.  They use a variety of DVD-driven Bible studies, seeking to connect women to Christ and one another.  This same class is usually offered on Tuesday nights, Friday mornings, and sometimes Sunday afternoons, so busy schedules can find a time that fits.


This ongoing grief-management ministry is led by a caring group of committed facilitators who walk beside those who have experienced one of life’s most devastating emotional experiences: The death of a loved one. Whether their loss is a spouse, a child, a parent, another family member, or a friend, this DVD-driven study helps people see that they don’t have to navigate through the grieving process alone. For more info about Griefshareclick here.

*These Christian Growth classes meet for fall and spring semesters,
but take a break during the summer.

For more information contact our Minister of Education & Administration, Bill Swinney